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Orchid Management Solutions is a leading Association Management provider serving the South Florida area since 2010. From financial management to architectural oversight, we offer customized services to meet the needs of your Association, and help homeowners navigate the often confusing world of living in a planned community.

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Financial Best Practice: Important Banking Procedures
Community Association Managers wear many hats, often carrying all the day to day responsibilities of the association. Most board members, however, all agree that the most important aspect of the job is strong financial management. Since most CAMs aren’t actually trained in financial management, here are a few items that are most critical in protecting the association’s assets.Reconcile all bank accounts every...
Board Certifications
Did you know?When a new board member is elected to an Association board, they are required to actually know something! Yes, amazing. The State of Florida actually expects board members to know the laws relating to their type of association (condo, co-op, or HOA), what’s contained in their governing documents, and what their duties and responsibilities are.To that end, new board members...