Why Us?

Since 2010, Orchid Management has had extremely high customer satisfaction and retention by assessing and resolving community issues in a responsive, timely and professional manner.


Orchid Management Solutions Benefits:

  • Each association receives quality homeowner support and is a priority among our entire organization.
  • Comprehensive, accurate financial reports are delivered by our Accounting professionals utilizing the latest technology.
  • Assessments are collected using state-of-the-art software and intensive collection processes are available for delinquent accounts.
  • Operating costs of the association are minimized by exclusive pricing discounts not readily available to every management company.
  • Relationships with property owners, associations, developers, vendors and other professionals who support the needs of our clients are valued and nurtured.

Our customers love us because:

  • Total Transparency
  • Custom solutions
  • No contracts
  • One-year agreement can be canceled at anytime
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • In-person technical support
  • Online Portal 24/7 Access
  • We provide onsite manager
  • Web Services

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